What may sound to you as the glorification of Farah, but it is not. It is just how we feel. We found her very wise right from the beginning when listed our Simi Valley home with her for sale and she advised us to list at $475,000 and we were adamant to list at $512,000. This house sat at this price for a long time, then we came down to $480,000 and again it sat on the market. Gauging the market she advised us that the house would sell at $460,000 and guess what, it did sold at $457,000. We should have listened to her right away and we would have been further ahead in selling.

She is very astute and very customer focused, all along the selling process she kept doing things that would help us in selling the home, for example she had the surveyor come out and survey the land to see if we can apply for exemption form Flood Insurance which costs a lot and a lot of buyers backed off due to this high yearly cost. So she got to work and searched any companies to find a company that would insure it for half the price of the original one and that was a big help.

Another thing that was a great help was Farah’s advice due to her past experiences to apply for a loan from and alternate lender. Originally we had applied to B of A as I, was their customer for over 30 years, they were taking too long and had approved my loan at a much lower level ($223,000), she through her contacts let us to Chase bank that approved over loan at higher level ($340,000) and in much shorter time, without this bigger amount we would not have been able to buy the new residence. That was a great suggestion from her.

We lived in that home for almost 25 years and didn’t know some of codes that had changed which were brought out in the home inspections report, we were selling the house as is but cajoled us to fix some of those things and she had a handyman come out and fix some of the other things at her expense in order to help us sell the house faster. I thought that was exemplary of her to go out of her way to help us.

She has good communication skill and kept us well informed of the proceeding and she is very prompt in getting us to sign the documents either we were buying our new home or selling the old home. The Real Estate agent through whom we bought our new residence was a very difficult and unresponsive person to deal with but Farah kept her cool with her immense amount of patience brought the deal to successful close.

My wife and I have been real estate agents in Michigan and California many years ago and we wish we had some of her wisdom, patience, foresight, and customer focus and customer welfare in our hearts. We wish her the best in everything she does and I believe she brings good name and a lot of credibility to Rodeo Realty. I definitely plan to recommend her and Rodeo Realty to all my friends in future.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to express our gratitude to her and to Rodeo Realty.

Arif and Salima Husain

You could not have been more knowledgeable about fulfilling our housing needs and more accommodating at helping us get into the perfect home. It was a real pleasure to work with someone whose primary interest was to find us what we wanted, rather than trying to get us into something that was easy for you. We really appreciated your help in navigating the myriad of paperwork needed to close the deal within our short time frame. Thank you for being consummate professional.

Sue & Joseph G.

I have known Farah for years and know her to be only complete forthright and a pleasure to work with. You can’t go wrong here! She will follow through and get it done.

Kitty Schoentag

Farah, Mark and I wanted to thank you for selling our home. It has been a challenging experience journey, but there is no one we would have traveled it, but you!

Thanks again.

Jennifer and Mark L.

Dealing with Farah was a pleasure, and she showed great professional and communication skills. We were very pleased with her calm and patient personality. As clients, that is what we look for.

Thank you so much for your help and service.

Alice and Peter Chang

Farah, you were a wonderful asset throughout the entire process. You exceeded our expectations! We were extremely grateful for your help and expertise. You made a stressful process a more calming experience. For all things and more, we thank you.

Kelly Family

Mrs. Farah Shinali has represented me in purchasing 7 investment properties. She has provided me with professional service in a courteous manner and due diligent. I strongly recommend her service to other investors.

Ali Farassati

Farah is a true professional and I’ve enjoyed working with her. She is great at listening and understanding the situation and trust her completely.

Nicole Corey

I have known Farah for years and know her to be only complete forthright and a pleasure to work with. You can’t go wrong here! She will follow through and get it done.

Kitty Schoentag

Farah helped us buy our townhouse 6 years ago. She found the perfect house for us. I was moving from Utah and couldn’t be available at all times. She asked a lot of questions to find out what we wanted and her strategy worked. She saw a lot of houses and chose only two that matched our needs.   She only showed us two houses and we bought the second house! She knew what we wanted. We got our perfect nest. Unfortunately for us we had to move again. So we knew whom to call. We left our home and moved out of State, leaving her with the listing. Everyone says it’s a headache to buy or sell real state. I say not, if you have a knowledgeable, hardworking, responsive and caring real estate agent like Farah. We got our listing price and more. The whole community should love her because we raised the price in the neighborhood. Thank you Farah.


Dear Farah,

As the manager of Prudential Malibu Realty, I would like to personally thank you for working with our agent on our close of Park Granada property. It always takes a team effort to close our transactions. We appreciate your help.

Michael Novotny

We wanted to thank Farah for her amazing professionalism, beautiful heart, and overall class today. We always have so much fun with you and we always continued to be so impressed by you. Selling and buying of a personal residence involves a great deal of emotion, in the face of which you always maintained a level of efficiency through the transactions. We will refer you to our friends and family and so glad to have you as our friend and our agent.

John & Pam Zahn

This letter is sent to you in appreciation for the successful sale of our home. Farah Shinali presented herself in a professional, calm manner, most knowledgeable and considerate of our needs.

Thank you for your hard work, dedication and guidance through the negotiations. Sincerely we wish you all the success int he future.

We are pleased to recommend Farah without hesitation.

Ali and Zohreh Hamzi

Farah is an excellent agent and went the extra mile to help during the sale of my home. She is well experienced and negotiates well to assure the best outcome. Day or night, Farah was responsive, answered my questions, and assured I was well informed throughout the process. Many new challenges arose, as you can imagine when I was attempting to sell my home during the COVID pandemic from potential buyers. She handled the entire process very professionally, went above and beyond, and all with extra care. I highly recommend Farah and her depth of knowledge in the RealEstate business…you will be certainly pleased like I am.

Kevin Kammeyer

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